Yet Another Pointless England Friendly

On Wednesday night the Three Lions will face the Netherlands at Wembley Stadium but they won’t be roaring. Well, not very loud at least. When it comes to international friendly matches there is a sense of lethargy. It’s almost as though nobody actually cares. Evidently some fans do as Wembley Stadium has only a few tickets remaining and with certain tickets costing a ludicrous £55 there are some die-hard supporters out there.

It’s not really a lack of pride or patriotism, it’s just that league football is what most people really care about. International friendly matches bear very little significance in the long term because, let’s face it, England aren’t going to win a major tournament in the foreseeable future. What’s the point?

Aside from the fact that our main players don’t seem to care about playing; their club managers especially don’t want them to play either. Take Wayne Rooney for example. He’s pulled out of the England squad with a throat infection. Rooney is the type of player who wants to play every single game – at least, that’s what the commentators tell us, so where are you Wayne (and others, to be fair)?

If the matches in general weren’t bad enough this one is particularly pointless. With Stuart Pearce in charge for a ‘warm up’ for the European Championships this summer, the whole debacle is summed up by the fact that everybody seems to want Harry Redknapp, not Pearce, to be the new manager. By naming Pearce as caretaker manager it gives him the chance to show that he has the required quality to lead the team into the competition. But, how is he supposed to do that when key players are absent from the team?

Who knows though, perhaps the FA will wimp out and hire Pearce and the friendly match may not be such a waste of time.

Come on England, I suppose.

Matt Hill


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