Greetings Cards: They’re Everywhere These Days, And I Don’t Like Them

It’s common knowledge that the Royal Mail are slow, but it’s been two weeks now since Valentine’s Day and I’ve still not received any cards. To quote Catherine Tate, “Am I bothered?” The answer is no.

Valentine’s Day. A ‘holiday’ where we’re supposed to tell our beloved other halves that we love them and show them the extent of our love through a soppy card, with a verse inside that none of us would ever dream of saying out loud. Apparently it’s the thought that counts. It’s a nice gesture. But if I tell you I love you why does it need to be written on a card? You’ll only end up throwing it in the bin in a matter of days anyway (or recycling it if you’re environmentally friendly).

Why is the spoken word no longer important? If it’s written down does it mean it’s more truthful – a sort of contractual agreement perhaps? I’d rather text you saying “I love you” than send a card, it’s quicker, easier and I won’t get robbed by the cashier at Clinton Cards. Next year I’ll tweet you saying “I love you”, or even write it on your Facebook Timeline.

To prove that romanticism isn’t dead it’s not just Valentine’s Day cards that rile me, it is cards in general, and they’re everywhere. Of course, some are acceptable; birthdays, Christmas, weddings – to an extent. But when it’s possible to send a sympathy card to a friend or relative that has lost their pet dog Murphy then I start to get dubious. Murphy may have been a key part of the family but is it really necessary to adjust all the photographs on the window-sill so that his cards can take their place, just for a few days?

With Mother’s Day fast approaching I think I’ve found the perfect card, one I can keep forever…

Matt Hill


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