Do we really need to partake in Follow Friday?

Apart from the constant hair-tearing tweets that contain ‘Bieber’ or ‘Belieber’, Harry Potter memes and angsty posts , one thing that you’ll see often on Twitter feeds are Follow Friday (#FF) requests.

As the title suggests, Follow Friday is an occasion on the social networking site where users make follower suggestions to their own followers. Like so:

OK, so it’s a good way to acknowledge someone who’s posted something interesting or kept you company during the week. That’s fine. But as the weeks go on, Follow Friday starts to feel tedious, soulless and rather automated as you go through your list. Maybe it’s because I spend far too much time with my streams (I help run 5 accounts which include my personal one) but it feels like I want to take a page from Matt’s post and tweet ‘happy Follow Friday. See last week’s list for recommendations’.

Ironically, a few people I questioned feels as if they see no difference in follower count when FF takes place.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised if the numerous follow buttons on this page did a better job. As Jade pointed out, only those with a large following can fully utilise FF and network effectively. Since the average Twitter user – according to the Guardian – has roughly 126 followers, ditching the trend looks the more attractive option. Obviously if someone were to mention me I would happily acknowledge it. Just don’t expect me to do the same (unless you smack that follow button at the bottom of the page, of course).

Nielsen Cerbolles


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