The Royal Family: It’s All Getting A Little Stale

The people of Belize were recently graced with the presence of our monarchies favourite maverick, redhead renegade son, Prince Harry. “The Royal raver”, has selflessly taken time out of his busy schedule of acting as a patriotic pomp pretending to be in the army to represent the Queen in a 10 day tour of the Caribbean. Just a couple of the harrowing tasks that the Prince will be required to take part in this week are a race against Usain Bolt and play Volleyball in Brazil. It’s a hard life.


Love them or hate them the Royal family are unfortunately wedged into our great British culture as tradition. One that is becoming rather stale.


I don’t personally hate the royals; merely see that the younger generation of our country today do not have the same admiration for them as our elders. Considering the media have turned the monarchs lives into a soap-opera that we MUST know about, then like all soaps when the ratings are getting low, why don’t they freshen up?


Television shows such as ‘Made In Chelsea’ and ‘The Only Way In Essex’ are extremely popular with the youth, why not implement this to the royals. We can follow the Queen’s strenuous daily trips to the beauty clinic for her waxing, uncover Charles’s many attempts to cull his mother for the crown and witness a drunken Harry stumble through the front door of Buckingham Palace at 4am with two respectable mistresses in his arms. Just a thought.


They can still be rooted into our society and culture, but to truly capture the general publics love once again more is needed from the Queen and co than simply giving us a wimp wave and using what facial muscle she has left in forcing a smile.


According to the dictionary a tradition is “the handing down of statement, beliefs, legends, customs, information, etc., from generation to generation, especially by word of mouth or practice.” FACT.

What I fail to see with the monarchy is where exactly they slot into this description. They are not a belief, certainly not legends and neither a statement. A tradition is something that is continuous, something that will keep recurring. The only two things I can think of that fit the Royals into this category is firstly the Queen’s annual inspirational ten minutes on the telly at Christmas and their existence.


In fairness to the Royals they do contribute to the country in some ways; bringing in foreign tourists every year ready to break their wallets with images of Prince Charming’s and medieval castles with dragons and wizards and other fairytale bullshit swirling around their heads.


Like I said I don’t hate the Royal family, but they’re not a tradition. And a bit more effort from their side wouldn’t hurt.


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